How Do I Make May Body Healthy in 5 Minutes?

In the first time I always feel my body is not so nice. Every time I spend my day I feel headache, toothache and others. I always try to overcome all what I feel and I was about to be frustrated because I was never healthy although I have tried to recover my sickness. Until I have expressed all what have happened with me to my mother and she only laugh and it makes me fed up, because she did not give me solutions even she laugh at me. But after that I was very happy, because at the end of that she give me some solution about my problem, then she said, “If you really want to be healthy, you must shampoo before dawn has come out”. Afterward I did what my mother said. I got up from my sleeping in the midnight before the dawn has come out and I poured over my body by water. And do you know what I feel after that? In that morning my body was so nice and I feel my body so fresh. And now I share to you. So, if you really want your body to be healthy, you have to take bath in the midnight before the dawn has come out. And you know that you can do it only in 5 minutes. Good luck!!FJ55BDHHAVJX